In 1969 , Mark’s time was divided between working for his Uncle and going to The Technical School of Artistic Handcraft .

In 1972 , in preparation for studying Industrial Graphics, he attend a 3 year seminar of the History of Art ” Zachenta”.

In 1976 , Mark was accepted to the prestigious Guild of Goldsmiths of the city of Warsaw . He opened his first gallery – workshop soon thereafter .

In the Fall of 1977 Mark had his first Individual Jewelry Exhibition . In following year he was
designated as a Master Goldsmith by Ministry of Culture and Art of Poland .

Mark became famous for his masterfully crafted and design jewelry.

He exhibited his work all over Europe as well as Mexico. In fact , one of his designer pieces was
presented to Urho Kekkonen (the former president of Finland) by The Polish Government .

From 1983 on , Mark lived in Paris , Rome , New York, California and Connecticut .

He design and built his second gallery “Goldsmith House” in Plantsville CT where he continues his artistic work.

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